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Shearing machine,Rolling machine


Nantong Donghai Machine Tool Co,Ltd.

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4 Add:Hai'an County,Jiangsu Province,China
4 Tel:(86)513.88212591
4 Fax:(86)513.88931399
4 Mob:(86)15806274888
4 E-mail:cxl@ntthjc.com

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  Nantong Donghai Machine Tool Co,Ltd. located at Nangtong City,jiangsu Province.Established in the late of 1960s,we engaged in designing and making series of shearing machine,press brake,rolling machine and hydraulic press machine in the brand of "YINGLI".Our factory is equipped with computerized heavy-dutym machinery and equipments capable of mass production machinery to applicable international standards With a view to catering to the increasing market requirement...
WE67Y-400/5000 Press Brake
QC11K-16X3200 Press Brake
QC12Y-16X9000 shearing machine
Top roll universal rolling machine
Top roll universal rolling machine
Large-scale ship uses rolling machine
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